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What ebook formats does converter.page support for conversion?

Converter.page offers the conversion of plenty input formats to huge varity of output formats. All input formats from the following list are supported and you can choose between all output formats listed below.

Possible Input Formats:


Possible Output Formats:


In the following you find more detailed information about these ebook formats:


.AZW — is an eBook file format developed by Amazon for their own eBook reader Kindle. This format reads eBooks which are protected by DRM (digital rights management) and this protection is the only difference between .AZW and .MOBI.


When .AZW is just file format for the text books, .AZW3 supports much more features. It supports CSS3, HTML5 and many other contemporary eBook facilities, and as well as regular .AZW it requires DRM.


It is an eBook file format for so-called «Print Replicas». Of course, it can be used only by Amazon Kindle and usually (always) includes DRM.


A comic eBook file format containing an image structured on a page. Storage as a compressed archive using .ZIP compression. Similar to the .CBR extension file, which uses .RAR compression.


Using for a compressed set of .JPEG, .PNG or static .GIF images that are stored in a separate archive. Pages are automatically structured and can be displayed one or two at a time. It is used to store and display comic eBooks or other sets of pages.


.ZIP archive for the Calibre (software used to convert eBooks), which contains several .CBZ and .CBR files and the text file "comics.txt" in UTF-8 encoding. The text file contains a list of all files included in the archive. The CBC archive could be automatically converted to an eBook in Calibre.


Reference documentation collected and saved in compressed .HTML format. May include text, images, and hyperlinks. It can be viewed in a web browser. Used by Windows and other software as online reference.


.DJVU file is a format designed for storing and viewing scanned books, magazines, catalogs, documents, scientific materials and other images. .DJVU format is compressed, it allows you to save high-resolution images in small files. The extension is often used to scan texts with an abundance of components that are heavy for recognition: formulas, schemes, sketches, tables. For scanning texts that are not oriented to recognition: manuscripts, parchments and other historical documents, or to digitize books and publish them in a web interface.


The .DOCX file extension is used to open text files in Microsoft Office 2007 or newer. This is the successor to the old version of .DOC, which can still be opened through applications that support .DOCX. However, to view files saved with the .DOCX extension in older applications (MS Word versions 2000, 2002, and 2003), it is recommended to install the compatibility package necessary for working not only with .DOCX, but also with .DOCM.


The .EPUB file format is designed specifically for storing and managing electronic publications (digital publications, .EPUB books, brochures). This format is one of the most popular and recognized in the field of publishing (along with PDF and XHTML). The .EPUB extension can be easily reproduced using all kinds of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). An .EPUB file is an open-type XML format that is equally popular with eBook publishers as well as regular users of digital publications.


Files with the FB2 extension are a popular format for eBooks. This format is based on XML markup, it means that text is written and formatted using encoding tags. Files of this format contain not only text, but also attachments like applications, information about the author and images. This is the most convenient eBook format, which supported by most modern devices. It was designed to be compatible with any device and easily convertible.


Stands for FlashBack Screen Recorder Movie - a movie created with BB FlashBack, a screen-capture program for Windows. It records events that occur on the screen during the recording process, and can be combined with other content added by the user. .FBZ files can be played using BB FlashBack Free Player.


A document which is written in the hypertext markup language and is the standard file type for a web page on the Internet. .HTML files contain text as well as text links to other external files (for example, the image in this article). .HTML files can also link to others - such as video, CSS, or JS files. Any web-browser will open and correctly display any and .HTML files. In other words, opening one of these documents in a browser will decrypt what is written in the .HTML file.


It is .ZIP compressed .HTML file. May content one or several .HTML files, images for them and «metadata» file which is using to package all included files into one system.


The source code of a program written in the Haskell programming language with formatting for grammatical errors. It is similar to the Haskell Script standard (.HS file), but includes comments, where the program code is only those lines that begin with the symbol ">".


File used by Microsoft C / C ++, an implementation of its programming language and associated compiler. Contains text instructions for linking program modules together when creating an executable file.


As well as .AZW, .MOBI could be read only by Amazon Kindle eBook reader, but these eBooks do not require DRM protection. The copyright holder for the .MOBI format (including .AZW, .AZW1 and .AZW3) is Amazon, which has provided an appropriate degree of copyright protection (DRM) to prevent unauthorized access or unlawful duplication of its electronic publications.


The .ODT file extension is used in Open Document text files, which are most often created using the free OpenOffice / LibreOffice word processor. This document format is based on the XML markup language and therefore is easily converted. .ODT files can be opened by several programs, not just OpenOffice.


A backup copy of the Outlook Express email database created by the Outlook Express Backup Wizard. Outlook Express, including user accounts, emails, applications, address books, blocked senders and subscribers lists.


Portable Document Format – the most famous file format for the documents. Usually, files with this extension are product manuals, eBooks, flyers, work applications, scanned documents and brochures. It is most often used for applications to e-mail messages or to store publications in a standard format for viewing on various computers. The reason for the popularity of this format is that .PDF files do not depend on the programs in which they were created, or on any particular operating system or equipment. They will look the same from any device. These files actually store fonts and electronic formatting between different platforms and look on the screen just as if they were printed on paper. Google, Bing and other search engines are currently indexing .PDF documents that can be viewed in a web-browser using the free Adobe Reader plugin.


A file created in Product Representation Compact (.PRC) format, is used to represent 3D models and subassemblies. Contains information on product structure, geometric shape, and product manufacturing (PMI). Stores highly compressed data.


The main practical purpose of this format is the storage and exchange of data between the user and the international Protein Data Bank registry. .PDB files are available for visualization, formatting and graphic filling using a specialized molecular analysis software packages, for example, Avogadro or Richardson Lab KiNG.


The configuration file used by Pyre, the Python shell used to integrate high-performance computer applications; stored using .XML formatting and includes values for "properties", "tools" and "components" in the application. Allows users to replace the default values in the application with "spare" ones.


Zipp compressed .PML file.


The user profile for Rosebud. It is a program used to control devices via SMS and use special SMS services provided by mobile providers. Stores the settings of each user and being used on Pocket PC devices.


It is the format used for text documents. The abbreviation in its name stands for Rich Text Format. .RTF files were used to create Windows reference, but were replaced by Microsoft Compiled HTML documents that use the .CHM extension.


It is a note created by S Note, a note taking application, developed by Samsung for use with Samsung mobile devices such as Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. It contains a note, which may include text, video, audio, thumbnails, and images. Currently .SND files are obsolete and they were replaced by .SDB files.


This format is intended for eBooks running on the obsolete Psion Series 3 platform, which was used in the 1990s. Stores text and formatting options for an eBook in a format that was used only for Psion devices.


.TXT format is the most common format for storing and transmitting text data after .DOC. A .TXT file may be a formatted / unformatted block of text information implemented as a sequence of lines. A standard text document in .TXT format containing unformatted text. Recognized by any editing or word processing program. It can also be edited by many other programs. .TXT is the most elementary format for presenting textual data, but it is the basis of more specialized extensions, such as XML, PHP and CHM.


Zip compressed .TXT file.


A ZIP file is an archive and, as every archive it is a collection of one or more files and / or folders, collected in one file for easy sending.